Term 3: Week 1

Games Industry Ecosystem We created some info-graphics in college to help us with our research and display our findings. This info-graphic is to show the inner workings of the games industry and shows all aspects of the ecosystem such as AAA compared to indie, common job roles in the industry, platforms that games can be … More Term 3: Week 1

Term 3: Week 2

Production Processes In a small group, we listed lots of the main processes for pre-production, production and post-production in the development of creating a game: Pre-Production Production Post-Production Initial idea Concepts Scripting Character design Story development World design Gameplay design Research Audio engineering 3D work Lighting Coding Level design Lighting design Story development Cutscene creation … More Term 3: Week 2

Term 3: Week 3

Legal Issues and Health & Safety Today we looked at the key legal issues in the games industry and how it affected us and our final major project. I analysed what I need to make sure I do and don’t do regarding my final major project. The key issues are: Copyright Intellectual Property Representation Contracts … More Term 3: Week 3