[Year 2] Unit 11

Unit 11 – 1.1 Critical Evaluation For this task I will be taking the careers personality test available at www.career-test.co.uk to interpret what my work ethic, strengths and weaknesses are. This test is inspired by the Myers Briggs test that I took and analysed in my Unit 12 work. After filling out the multiple choice questions, … More [Year 2] Unit 11

[Unit 12] Week 7 – Unit 12: Final Analysis Report

In this report I am going to be analysing and explaining the different aspects of level design and how it has changed over time as technology has advanced. I will be referencing to existing games and genres to support my points. I will also explain the different design choices that are made for specific genres of … More [Unit 12] Week 7 – Unit 12: Final Analysis Report

[Unit 12] Week 1 & 2 – Personal Primary Research

For our Final Major Project of year 2 we need to conduct some primary research that is personal to the subject, we then will analyse the results of each research method and decide which mthod is most effective at gathering primary research. We started with each creating a personal mind map of our own interests, … More [Unit 12] Week 1 & 2 – Personal Primary Research

[Unit 12] Week 6 – Practitioners Report

Reflecting on my experimentation for fear and level flow, I have decided to research into games that had key influences in level design. Id Software’s Doom (1993), Doom 2 (1994) and Quake (1996) were the pioneers of their genre. The classic Doom games have excellent and innovative level design that used their new technology to create … More [Unit 12] Week 6 – Practitioners Report

[Unit 12] Week 3 – How to Research: Skateboards

For an example research task we formed small research groups and gathered information on skateboards and skateboarding. We used our own knowledge and background information that we already knew about skateboarding to fill out the mind-map (below). We mainly noted down the culture surrounding skateboarding such as the influence on film & TV or the music … More [Unit 12] Week 3 – How to Research: Skateboards

[Unit 12] Week 4 – Experimentation and “Fear”

To inspire more creativity, we looked into experimenting with our work and ideas more. Experimenting and trying new things is a great way to learn more techniques, processes and come up with more creative ideas. As a guided creative experiment, we researched and planned out an experiment based on the theme of fear. Before we … More [Unit 12] Week 4 – Experimentation and “Fear”

[Year 2] Unit 9 & 10

Contents Year 1 Reflection Research & Analysis of Characters Lego Franchise Report (Lord of the Rings) Changing a Character for a Different Audience Character Studies (Ryu & Birdie) Pixel Art (Ryu & Birdie) Legal & Ethical Considerations Character Audio Task (Ryu & Birdie) Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist Report Audience & Character Analysis Compare Lego & … More [Year 2] Unit 9 & 10