[Unit 12] Week 3 – How to Research: Skateboards

For an example research task we formed small research groups and gathered information on skateboards and skateboarding. We used our own knowledge and background information that we already knew about skateboarding to fill out the mind-map (below). We mainly noted down the culture surrounding skateboarding such as the influence on film & TV or the music and fashion that is associated with it. The mind-map is vague and not very detailed for the most part.


To add to the research task we gathered some primary and secondary research on skateboarding so that we could create a more detailed and specific mind-map. The task involved watching a long documentary on skateboarding (Dogtown and Z-Boys) which gave us all a large amount of interesting information regarding the invention, popularisation and history of skateboards.

For additional research we each looked into a specific area of skateboarding. I chose to research into the history of skateboarding in games while my other team members chose the history of skateboards and skateboarding culture. Finding specific information was difficult to Google without using special search techniques. I filtered down my results by using Boolean search techniques, this gave me more targeted information:

Above you can see that there are far too many results to sort through on from simple Google search.

By adding special characters that Google interpenetrates as a function for searching, I can refine my results down to what I want to see. I can use this to complete my research on the history of skateboarding games.

After we have all researched our specific areas of skateboarding, we present our information with each other so we can create a better mind-map with more information on these topics:


This task has been very informative on search functions within Google search. I learned about many more of them and how they can be useful in different situations but only needed the + function for now. I will use these in my future research to get more refined information. The skateboarding documentary was also surprisingly interesting but unfortunately not relevant to my project.


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