[Unit 12] Week 1 & 2 – Personal Primary Research

For our Final Major Project of year 2 we need to conduct some primary research that is personal to the subject, we then will analyse the results of each research method and decide which mthod is most effective at gathering primary research. We started with each creating a personal mind map of our own interests, what we love and why. This would help show our personality through the diagram and highlight our most important passions. This task can help direct our final major projects and help make them more interesting and personal to us individually.

Mind Map:


This mind-map shows some of my main interests and what they lead onto as a result of discovering them and how some of them link together. I could’ve gone into more detail with different games and films I enjoyed but I tried to keep it concise and relevant. I have listed some of my favourite films/shows, music genres, artists and games. The Film & TV section is not as interlinked as the rest of the mindmap as I do not focus on it as much as I used to but still have interests in that area and have been influenced/inspired by some of the films and shows that I have watched.

Music ties in with my interests as I have discovered some great artists through games and films (also through online videos). I would say that I enjoy a wide range of music depending on how I feel but I put down some of my favourite artists that I always enjoy listening to. The soundtrack to Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2 have lead me to some great music artists that have become some of my favourites, showing how games can have such an influence. I also have a small interest in composing/creating music which is something I would like to attempt at a later date.

I added the video section to mention my interest in video editing. I enjoy watching videos people have made on websites like Youtube, editing short films, animations or game footage all interests me and I have a small amount of experience in the field.

Games are a massive part of my interests, they have provided me with more entertainment, inspiration and creativity. My first memorable moments in gaming were with the more oldschool games, I played a lot of Crash Bandicoot as a child which sparked my interest in gaming. I have a few key memories of watching my dad play Doom and Quake which lead me to feel a sense of nostalgia for them even though I barely played them. When I got older and bought a PC for gaming, I played mainly puzzle and platformer games as I disliked first person shooters but slowly came to appreciate them. My interest in Source engine games actually inspired me to get into games development through discovering Counter-Strike map making and Garry’s Mod gamemodes/other fun addons.

Interview Task:

As I was unable to get a personal interview completed, I have analysed an interview by Louis Theroux. He has many techniques that he uses to get useful information for people to listen to for research or entertainment purposes. I will be paying attention to details such as his body language, gestures, tone of voice and more to see how he is able to interview his guests.

In this first interview, Louis is interviewing a lion breeder that supports the breeding of lions to hunt. This is a very interesting interview because of the reactions of the lion keeper and how he expresses his views. During the first questions Louis uses different facial expressions to emphasise the importance or shock value of certain words such as “to be killed”, he also makes pauses in his sentences for more emphasis. He also makes comparisons to other animals and situations that may be similar to get his points across.

During the interview the lion keeper rarely breaks eye contact and has a stern look on his face. He remains calm for the first half of the interview despite looking frustrated and showing signs that he is annoyed that Louis does not understand his points.

During the second half of the interview the lion keeper gets more visibly and audibly annoyed, he walks away to calm down and then explains his point again. He makes it clear that he wants people to understand his side of the argument rather than him giving off a bad impression. Louis remains silent through most of the second half but maintains eye contact. The lion keeper returns a strong argument that may change the minds of many viewers. He explains that it is a different culture and outsiders shouldn’t be applying their views when they do not get any of the negatives.

As with all interviews Louis Theroux conducts, he remains calm and attentive throughout. He asks questions that do not necessarily reflect his opinion as he takes an unbiased view mostly. In this interview the lion keeper implies that he keeps asking the same question designed to make him look guilty but it is more likely that he is taking it as an attack rather than an unbiased question (which may be what Louis intended).

The questions Louis asks are designed to get reactions on camera, it is possible he wanted to push the lion keepers boundaries by repeatedly asking the same question so that he would snap and have an outburst on camera. I think this interview gets everyone’s opinions across well as you can tell the lion keeper is misunderstood and possibly questioned very frequently about these topics. He gets visibly angry but is able to continue the interview and actually make some convincing points that gives valuable information.

Myers Briggs Test:

I took the Myers Briggs test at www.16personalities.com which assigns you 1 of 16 set personalities. Before taking the test I was sceptical as I found it hard to believe that something as complex as somebodies personality could be matched with a predetermined outcome. For most answers I answered as neutral as possible (without clicking grey) but some had more personal questions that I felt more strongly about.


While answering the questions I found some that I felt strongly on and didn’t think was common enough as a trait to be used in these questions. The question above is something I’ve noticed in myself in the past few years but never really recognised fully until I took this test. I find my motivation is very random and situational with all kinds of work including college work, level design and modding. To counter this I have several projects to work on at once that I can shuffle through whenever I feel motivation for another project. The downside to this is that I have hundreds of unfinished projects.

ENTP-T – The Debater


Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker. Expose your ideas to the dangers of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less the label of ’crack-pot’ than the stigma of conformity. And on issues that seem important to you, stand up and be counted at any cost.
– Thomas J. Watson


Initially, I was surprised by my results I honestly wasn’t expecting to get to get an extroverted personality, although most of my main traits are close to neutral. I do understand the extroverted aspect as I find I am louder and more enthusiastic than my friends. I also do enjoy most activities with others and try to avoid spending time completely alone.

While I do think I am a more fact-based person I can understand that I have more of an intuitive personality as I do spend lots of my time thinking about possible thing I could create and what little adjustments I could be constantly be making with my projects to experiment with the possibilities.

As a thinking individual, I focus more on facts and logical solutions over emotions. This test shows that I can be less sensitive in some situations and will almost think more like a robot in some situations. Thinkers can also be more competitive in general and will not be as thoughtful or focused on feelings.

Prospecting fits my personality and work-style very well as they prefer working without a set plan or structure, similar to how I work with smaller bursts of creativity. I do find that I can improvise and think quickly when under the pressure of a deadline as I usually leave work until last minute.

One of the foundation personality traits is the Identity, this will change a lot how you act and shows my confidence. The turbulent trait is my strongest with an overwhelming 82%, this would explain how I can be an extrovert but turbulent people lack confidence and are self-conscious. This also shows that I am success driven which I agree with a lot as that is a big motivation for my personal projects. I consider this strong trait a weakness even though it pushes me to improve and motivate to myself.

After reading up into my results, I have found they are unusually accurate (as most people experience). I used to think that this kind of test was still way off of what we could define as a personality but surprisingly, they are very well done and give correct results. I also used to think I was very introverted before taking the test but after reading my results I have found it may be I am extroverted but just turbulent so that I lack the self confidence.

This has been a very refreshing and new experiment as reading into the different traits is interesting and finding out what a machine may perceive my personality is has changed my perspective on a few things. I will not take any of these results as absolute fact but will keep it in mind later on. I also am interested to see what other classmates and friends get as results.

Summary and Comparison:

From analysing all 3 tasks, I have found that an interview is the best method of showing someones personality or opinions. With an interview you can use so many different techniques and skills to “extract” information out of whoever you are interviewing. You can take a passive role of trying to be on the side of who you are interviewing so they are more comfortable, or you can take a more aggressive route of trying to get a specific reaction like Louis Theroux does on the interview above. While this method is more sly and not as firnely, it does get good reactions for the audience and can drive a person to show their true opinions or emotions.

The Myers Briggs test was surprisingly interesting and I am interested to see what many others in my class would get as a result. I have been very interested in the idea behind it and have read into the other personalities. I do think that these results should be considered the 100% accurate but I think there is a lot of truth behind most peoples results.

The mind map is somebodies personal display of their personality and interests. I don’t think this is incredibly useful to finding out someones character as people will only display things that they want others to know about them, and things they are open about. The mind map will not usually display negatives or embarrassing interests of someone which you may be able to find out with the Myers Briggs test or an interview.



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