Week 5 – Target Audiences

An audience for your product is who is interested and purchases your product, audiences can have different traits that make them interested in their product such as age, gender, occupation and interests. Companies and individuals will target specific and certain audiences (their target audience) in order to achieve greater sales and customer interest.

Having a target audience is very important for your product. Target audiences ensure that your product will sell and have people interested in it. If your target audience is loo large, it will not appeal as strongly to people but if your target audience is too niche it will not get very popular. It is a good idea to have a target audience when beginning a project so you can shape it around what your target audience may be interested in so your product will be more popular.

For my group’s example game idea we would be targeting gamers that play single-player survival games. The target age would be 12 – 30 as this is a fairly wide range for people who play games. The game would also have a horror aspect so the target audience would need to enjoy horror games. Younger audiences that play games will be drawn to the game the most as they are the primary target and most common age to be playing this type of game. We would also make it open and enjoyable to older audiences too to maximise our opportunities.


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