Week 6 – Dubbing Sound (Project Paper)

Our task was to take a short video recording from the game LIMBO and use our own sound recordings to dub the video with new audio. We had to do two dubs, one using household objects and one using just paper.

Here is the video clip with the original audio from the game.

First we watched the video to list the sounds we would require to replicate and thought about what objects and actions could be used to make a similar sound. We recorded our paper sounds in college time as we had all the resources we needed and we recorded the household object sounds during the half-term. When we had our sounds recorded we picked out the ones we wanted and edited them using Audacity.

audacity_wip premiere_wip

Audacity allowed us to amplify the sounds, remove background noise and distort sounds to make them more like the original sounds. When we had all the sounds that we needed, we added our final edited sounds to the original video using Adobe Premiere. This video editing software allowed us to sync up the timings and add layers of audio in time with the video.

Here is the paper dub using my own sounds.

Here is the household object dub using my own sounds.

Comparing my 2 dubs, I prefer my paper dub because the boulder impact sounds very real although I also like the boulder rolling sound of the household object dub. I think I could have improved both final dubs if I had more sound recordings to use and edit. I learned more about Audacity and Premiere in this task as well as how effective and convincing some sounds can be when edited correctly.


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