Week 2 – Exploring Sound (Mapping and Recording)

We learned a lot about sound in this lesson, we conducted primary research and did 3 different tasks today that taught us to listen to our surroundings and showed us how sound can affect water.

In the first task, I was told to find 2 places in the college and create a sound map showing what sounds I could hear in the different locations. When creating these sound maps, I found that there are lots more individual sounds in an area than you may notice at first. For my task I chose to go to 2 different places on the college grounds that were going to produce very different sound maps. I chose an interior space with a soft floor (LRC) and an exterior space with hard walls and floor(car park). The sound maps are shown below:

soundmap1 soundmap2

In the second task I needed to record 2 separate spaces again, I chose the car park and outside the media corridor as they sounded very different from each other. Before I recorded I set the camera to sound only and adjusted the sensitivity of the microphone. I had to record sound for around 1 minute each while keeping still and shielding the microphone from the wind. Outside the media corridor was a wide-open interior space with hard surfaces resulting in echo.

In the final task we had a speaker set up with a bag over the top of it, water and oil was poured onto the speaker so that we could see how it reacted when music was played. Low frequencies and sudden jumps in the music seemed to have the most effect on the liquids. Volume was also a factor when observing how the liquids reacted to the vibrations. In this task we learned about sound vibrations and how it affected things. Below is a video of the speaker and my 2 chosen songs.

Chosen songs:


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