Week 3 – The Player Experience

How sound is used to create meaning and atmosphere?

[0:14] At the beginning of the trailer, the music plays familiar instruments that players will recognize from Dishonored 1. The music is quiet and mysterious to make the viewer curious. [0:40] The sound picks up pace and has more instruments as the camera enters a first-person perspective to build up excitement. [1:11] As the view zooms out from the mansion rooms, the music comes to a dramatic end getting higher pitched to show how grand the building is and make it feel like a conclusion at the end of the destination. [1:26] As the doors are opened and the room starts moving, the music changes to have a slower part which makes the building look even more impressive, the music also uses more Dishonored-like chords. [2:02] The build up before the robots attack is making the viewer feel like something bad is about to happen. [2:10] After the explosion Emily gets up and there is no enemies to be seen but the music still sounds like there is danger. [2:14] When the robot attacks the music turns into fast-paced dramatic battle music to excite viewers. [2:33] As the robot is destroyed the music slows down again to show that there appears to be no danger. [2:40] The deep sound of the walls moving makes the closing walls seem like a strong force and the trailer picks up speed once more. [2:52] The music changes into a familiar Dishonored theme for the end of the trailer.

What sound techniques were used?

At the beginning and the end of the trailer there was a voiced-over narration from The Outsider who was a character from the first game this effect implies that he is watching over you as he was in the first game. The music will pick up speed when there are action sequences and slow down between them which fits with what is going on in the trailer. Character dialogue is used only by the main antagonist of the trailer talking to Emily. Sound effects are used effectively in the trailer such as the gunshot at [0:31] and the water splash at [0:45], the sound effects are not too loud and fit well in the trailer making the setting seem more real.

How sound relates to the game trailer. Is it fit for the purpose?

The sound in the trailer works well and is fit for the purpose. The music has multiple stages that all fit with the mood and atmosphere of each scene such as the fast-paced battle music and the slow mysterious chords at the beginning. All the sound effects felt like they belonged and there was not any missing. The trailer uses the instruments related to Dishonored lots to create a better atmosphere. After analyzing this trailer, I think that the sound is very well done and needs no improvement.



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